Bakso in Grobogan

One of the most favorite food in Grobogan Distric is BAKSO, BAK SO is A BAK that name si HAM (pork meat) and so is minced or Ground Ham. BAKSO in Grobogan small city 30 kilometers from Kudus or 5 kilometers from Purwodadi (the capital of Grobogan district) is the most popular food. Only Bakso you can find food on the street. About a year ago the price of a bowl of bakso is Rp. 7.000,- But today you can find cheaper because of many new bakso food restaurant in this city. You can find bakso in Price Rp. 4000,- per bowl it is amazing in the year of 2016. Bakso in Jakarta is Rp. 20.000 until 30.000 you can buy 5 bowl in Grobogan. They said that it is Beef or Chicken Bakso. NO HAM anymore in Grobogan Bakso.

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